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Discover the Konig Geneva boutique!

Hello everyone, here is a tour of the Konig Geneva boutique!

What can you find at the Konig Geneva Boutique :

✔️Men’s Shoes – Smart Dress Shoes, Sport Elegant Footwear, Active Wear and more.

✔️ Men’s Clothing – Shirts, Suits, Coats, Leather Jackets, Trousers and many more items.

✔️ Accessories and Leather Goods – Ties, Cufflinks, Sunglasses, Leather Bags, Bracelets and other Small Leather Goods.

Location: 2 Place des Alpes, 1201 Genève

Feel free to stop by and enjoy a personal shopping experience & consulting


Visit us on our website :

English speaker? No worries ! Our team at Konig Geneva speaks English as well.

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